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The Brief

Ion was engaged by the District of West Vancouver to develop a creative strategy and website design for the District's online presence.

West Vancouver started out as a small town, once connected to Vancouver by only a single rowboat. Today, it is amongst the most desirable and prosperous municipalities on the West Coast. It is a city nestled between the rain forest and the ocean, a community that embraces its First Nation heritage and preserves its unique lifestyle on the edge of a burgeoning metropolis of more than two million people.

Based on the findings of an external audit, it was established that their existing website lacked a customer service focus and could be far more user friendly as well as reflecting the community's brand in an authentic manner.

The vision was to develop an information portal where web visitors could complete transactions online, engage online in a meaningful way and gain a greater sense of connectivity to West Vancouver. The website would function as an accessible, visually-appealing, easily-navigated source of truth that provides an optimal online experience for visitors.

The Strategy

Civic engagement was a critical component given the wide demographic of users of the site. The development of a strategy was also to be a critical step in creating a website that regained the confidence of citizens and addressed their many needs and wishes.

Our strategy revealed a citizen desire to feature the environment while providing a simple, clean interface.

Working closely with staff, stakeholders and the citizen development group, Ion developed a set of strategic and creative tactics that have driven the website creative concepts and website design.

The Solution

The design makes an environmental statement with full frame images blurred back to bring focus to the content of the website as if it were electronically positioned on a window. Overall the approach is conservative, yet maintains a modern feel with the bold sans serif caps used for delineating various levels of content. Each section takes on the personality of the colour as defined in the navigation, aiding in accessibility. An icon system has been implemented to add small hits of colour to each page. Each season, new background images will be placed, reflecting the colours of the season and reinforcing our environmental approach.

The Result

The district has received praise not only for the quality of the new design, but for the discovery process we led citizens through. The site is receiving elevated numbers and longer hits and staff are having an easier time updating content.

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