Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools

Many moving parts in School District 68 brought together with a new brand.



The Brief

The board of education wished to introduce a new brand for Nanaimo Ladysmith, School District 68 as part of the long range plan for the district in conjunction with its new strategic plan. The school district logo was designed more than 30 years ago, by means of a student contest. It relied heavily on the number 68 and, moving forward, the board determined that it wished a move towards the use of the name “Nanaimo-Ladysmith Public Schools” rather than “School District 68.”



The Strategy


Having many moving parts and different types of educational offerings across three municipalities made it a challenge to develop a brand that worked for the divergent interests involved.

Ion worked extensively with the stakeholders of Nanaimo Ladysmith in order to develop a strategy and identity for the school district. Our overarching strategy was to bring a sense of optimism to bear on the brand while conveying diversity, the environment and creativity in education in a youthful and modern approach. We also would be developing a brand that followed our defined brand essence: inclusive, colourful, light and humanistic.

The Solution


Diversity is celebrated in our design solution by combining many unique shapes working together to build a single form. The resulting fish form references the island environment and historic vocations making it fit authentically within the context of the mid-island region. It references cultural styles without being overt or disrespectful. The artistic approach is unexpected, creative, vibrant and environmental in its approach. It generates many opportunities to extend the brand with overlapping forms creating framing devices for photography, type or illustration.



The NLPS has realized cost savings through the use of templates provided, consolidated logo formats and Ion’s specifications of economical and environmentally friendly papers and processes.

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