Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC

Storytelling and experience lead to a welcoming mark.


The Brief

The Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC (ATBC) was created to market Aboriginal Tourism destinations in British Columbia through the eyes and stories of the Aboriginal people of the province. ATBC needed to be seen as the authority for Aboriginal tourism by other tourism organizations, as well as by its own business members.

The Strategy

The direction for the logo and tagline were determined through co-creation branding workshops. The key concepts the identity needed to communicate were storytelling and sharing, welcoming, warmth and friendliness. There is also a sense of mystery to Aboriginal culture and it was important to acknowledge that in some way within the branding. 

The Solution

In the Pacific Northwest Aboriginal culture, open hands raised to the chest is a welcoming gesture. This gesture informed the mark of the organization, reinforcing the concepts of welcoming and storytelling. 
The B2B corporate brand collateral features six signature textural images representing the creatures and terrain across the province of BC, and of significance in Aboriginal culture. The identity was initially applied to corporate stationery and templates, conference materials, and corporate giveaways including a series of bookmarks and a branded cedar box.

The Result

Originally intended to be used as a B2B brand, the identity was so successful in capturing the essence of the spirit of the Aboriginal people, it was ultimately used for B2C branding.