City of Coquitlam

Engaging and connecting a growing community.

The Brief

The City of Coquitlam has grown from a bedroom community to its own centre of commerce and culture. When the City approached us to rebrand, it was using its official city crest as its primary logo. Although an important historical reference to be used in an official capacity, it was not an adequate visual identity to communicate the evolved essence of a modern city.

The Strategy

We worked with the City to research its geographic, historical and cultural background. We looked at the City's aspirational values which aimed to attract new business and tourism to its doors. The City wanted to engage citizens in feeling connected to the place they live and work.

The Solution

The logo we developed is in keeping with major cities, using a modified word mark to play with the Q in Coquitlam as a mnemonic device. 

We worked with the City for five years, developing entry point signage, banners, sub-branding for departments and a host of print collateral, all branded consistently to capture the City's energy and esprit de corps. 

The Result

The City collected both qualitative and quantitative information for measurement of the branding project’s success. Moving to a two-colour logo reduced corporate letterhead printing costs by 53%, reduced embroidery costs by 54% and reduced screen printing costs by 61%.  There were also significant cost savings through the use of templates saving staff time when developing promotional materials and allowing for more effective one-colour printing.

In a comparison with other municipalities, Coquitlam’s materials now stand out due to the consistent use of logo, font, branding and standards for a clean, simple look.  The Coquitlam “Q” is being used regularly as a mnemonic device to increase recognition.  In focus testing, residents were not able to identify which Coat of Arms belonged to Coquitlam, nor what elements made up the Coat of Arms – this does not occur with the new logo. Qualitative feedback is based on comments from staff, who have indicated increased pride in materials and appreciation for clear guidelines to develop a “look” for Coquitlam.  As well, other municipalities have contacted Coquitlam indicating they are “impressed” with the City’s new visual identity and would like advice on how to implement this in their community.  Feedback from the public who have seen the materials was also very positive.