One Good Idea

Doing good is any organization’s badge of honour. We donate $25,000 worth of creative services annually to promote organizations that contribute to making our communities – and our world – a better place to live, share, understand and create.

Through traditional and digital media, our planet has become smaller and smaller. There are new ideas and new stresses every day. Confronted with things with which we are unfamiliar, we can forget our humanity. Now, more than ever, we at Ion believe that strategic design needs to be used to help build understanding among our human family.

We believe that at its core, sustainability is an expression of he desire to find balance and harmony among the competing social, economic and environmental drivers of culture. It's about trying to fashion a better society, a better world. While most would agree that we all want to make difference, we would probably also agree that we feel overwhelmed about how to make it real. Our One Good Idea Award endeavours to remind people that even small steps can contribute to massive change. One Good Idea is all it takes.

“We have done a lot of pro bono work over the years, but until we created this award, it never really had a focus. We believe that this award is an excellent opportunity to provide this focus and to promote sustainability by helping to develop a tangible product or service that will benefit humankind today.”

— David Coates, Partner

If you would like to view our previous recipients or apply for the One Good Idea award, please visit for more information.


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