In a professional context “design” is the total spectrum of activity that comprises our brand development process from research, strategy, content development and form giving to implementation. Our philosophy of applying real design thinking to solve business and communication problems is especially relevant to our place branding work. Making the leap from strategy to visual design is where we offer a significant advantage. Because we are applying design right from the beginning stages of strategic development we are able to provide a more robust and integrated programme, leading to creative and realistic solutions.

Looking at the various phases, we move from research and strategy to Ideation. This is where the project vision materializes and it can include naming, tagline and other language development, and through a process of exploration and iteration we provide several creative options, or "roughs" for approval. Of utmost importance is the flexibility of potential concepts to be implemented through different media streams – from print to interactive media – and we advise on this and other matters of practicality.

Once a creative direction is approved, refinement and more rigorous testing commences. The Refinement stage allows for the fine-tuning of the selected direction and results in comprehensive layouts and proof of concept. We apply it to a range of required applications to test the robustness of the concept. We art direct and shoot required photographic or illustrated elements as well as refine the tone of messaging. Approval of the "comprehensive layouts" marks the end of the creative development.

The Implementation phase is focused on production. Typically, this involves typesetting, content creation, coding, and drafting specifications for manufacturing or execution, depending on the media and use.

Our Deployment services include pre-press coordination, press checks, web software (CMS) implementation and custom coding, video production, animation and media planning. We cover the full spectrum of production services.

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