Research, collaboration, interaction and dialogue is the foundation for authentic place branding to happen.

Our research ranges from communication and visual audits to marketing and social media analysis. Research is consolidated and presented in our Brandwise strategy – a living document that evolves as we move through the project. Audio and video also are often captured to deepen and humanize the research experience. A SWOT analysis is a keystone of our research process, leading to the brand goal definition and refinement of the project objectives, with a view to outlining the creative brief and brand benchmarks.

Our brand definition workshops with communities and stakeholders provide intelligence and strategic input through active and visually engaging sessions. We apply both empirical and intuitive methodologies. We have expertise in facilitating groups with diverse interests and are known for our ability to align communities through engagement.

For us it's really about embedding ourselves into a community, understanding the local language and culture, and applying our experience to lead change in lock-step with the communities and organizations we partner with.

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