Gaining a deep understanding of how a place or an organization works on a number of levels helps us to deliver a well-designed and sustainable strategy. Beyond the collection and evaluation of data, reports and documents, we engage directly with the community and stakeholders to provide a balanced and strategic approach that embraces diversity and the unique experiential assets that collaboration brings.

Many local governments embarking on place-branding the first time treat the process as they would a product, and understandably do not fully recognize the community buy-in required. Learning that the community is the brand is a watershed moment for both private and government organizations, when they harness the benefits of public engagement. The process requires leadership, confidence and commitment to the process.

Strategy driven by a desire to seek creative synthesis makes for a fertile environment for innovation and authentic solutions. Aligning a clear brand goal and a set of objectives with such a strategic approach will yield positive change for a broader community with greater and lasting impact within shorter timelines. These efficiencies translate to cost savings in implementation, more informed creative selection, and overall satisfaction among participants.

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