Capturing Hearts and Minds

May 16, 2018

When it comes to matters of the heart, Ion doesn't reserve just one day of the year for that. It's all about sharing and putting knowledge where it will be best served – with you. So, we will tell you how Caplilano University won the Coup de Coeur Award (and other kudos); how Sylvan Lake is playing matchmaker; how Ion is helping Saskatoon love itself just a little bit more; and how Adam's Reach is wrapping its arms around its community.

The Future of Cities is Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability
When governments and design work collaboratively it makes it easier to understand the implications of different design options that, at the surface level, may seem arbitrary or inconsequential.
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Brand story: Warming up on Sylvan Lake
Light dancing on the snow, bubbles in champagne, sunlight on shoulders, a campfire on a cool night. Sylvan Lake – Brilliant all year.
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Brand Story: Coup de Coeur Award
Capilano University inspires students in a creative and supportive place. We are British Columbia’s leading experiential university.
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Campaign: City of Saskatoon Recycling
The City of Saskatoon is facing growing pressure on its landfill. With a deadline looming, the city needs to ramp up its citizens on waste diversion and recycling to delay significant capital expenditure.
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