Thirty Years Out Standing In Our Field

July 19, 2018
Ion Brand Design started in 1988 with two idealistic design grads looking for ways to use design to cultivate change in the world.

Today, the firm has evolved into a powerful team of committed people who share that same passion in design and place branding. Ion’s influential community of clients, friends, staff, interns and industry associates now reach across the globe.

We’re milking this anniversary for all it’s worth, so join us on September 20th, at Seasons in the Park to chew the cud and bend an elbow. RSVP details to follow.

MIND Partnership
How do you create a brand to attract professionals and academics to one of the most beautiful cities on earth? There’s more to it than meets the eye.
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What is “Design”…Really?
Design, that ubiquitous word, conjuring black turtlenecks and black-framed eyeglasses, has taken a major shift in its definition in the last decade, and most of us aren’t really caught up on what this all means.
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Happy Birthday Ion!
What goes into a logo? Quite a bit when you watch our video, compiling hundreds of Ion logo variations, which we like to interpret in fun ways to celebrate special days. Maybe you can spot a few?
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