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For fitness. For fun. For generations.

The Minoru Centre is a uniquely integrated facility that is a centre of excellence at the heart of Richmond, offering exceptional facilities that welcome all community members.

People of all ages and abilities come together for physical activity and interaction or individual expression.
Minoru Centre for Active Living is a community facility and is a less expensive option than private fitness clubs, offering broader integrated services and facilities to a wider demographic.

Residents receive incredible value from the leading (LEEDing) edge architecture and facilities. It’s all about well being, and being part of a place where people feel connected. It is a vibrant, inclusive hub for active living in Richmond.


The new facility, architecture and communications provide the tools, while committed people empower the community to connect, play and be well. The new brand celebrates Richmond’s multicultural heritage, with dynamically integrated typography and imagery that respects our uniqueness while building and strengthening a sense of community.

The brand has been developed to take advantage of the equity established through initial engagement, branding and community feedback. It is important to ensure that a visual strategy is in place, such as welcoming branded imagery and multilingual text. This as part of an integrated brand programme to manage the sociological characteristics of the Centre and make a delightful impression when people first arrive.


For Fitness. For Fun. For Generations.

Imagine a place where we all feel connected. Imagine if this place inspired you to be stronger, to be more creative – or to simply be. Richmond’s Minoru Centre for Active Living is such a place, bringing people of all ages and abilities together to realize the pursuit of health, happiness and community.

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