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This brand project supports the strategic goal to develop the civilian-led initiative named Shift that is adapting the Hub Model to provide support for individuals at-risk of radicalization to violence in BC by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

Countering Radicalization to Violence (CRV) is a broad umbrella term referring to programs that focus on addressing individual vulnerabilities that may lead an individual to pursue violence as a means of furthering their political, religious, or ideological beliefs as well as countering the pull of violent extremist organizations’ recruitment and influence.

Brand Goal

The Shift brand connects with people through a confident yet understated quality, providing a vehicle for collaboration and knowledge management.


The nature of Shift’s multiple audience streams, combined with the unique needs of individuals in the communities where Shift operates, make for complex social semiotics.The Shift brand therefore is focused on Hub partners, while remaining cognizant of the broader community, influencers, NGO’s and government.

This predicates the need for information, language and outreach to be primarily focused on stakeholders and potential partners rather than individuals either seeking help or referrals. Over time, this mandate may be broadened.

Communication language and imagery is direct and business-like, yet friendly, engaging, and aspirational. For example, demonstrating leadership through the sharing of resources and knowledge with an empathetic and respectful tone is obviously preferred over pontification. Partnerships are garnered through aligning with Hub partners, with Shift as a dynamic connector.

As such, the brand is designed to “play well with others” through an understated, sophisticated and confident style that appeals to a broad audience, but is focused on Shift partnerships.

The concept replaces the “I” in shift with the forward slash, which is commonly found in the url of online addresses. The lowercase letters are approachable, while the soft blue creates a trusting non-judgmental mark. The brand uses elements from our online environment, which is a common place that Shift will help and support others, but also where people in trouble may have further developed distorted perspectives.

Elements such as the pixelated texture represent opinions and perspectives that may be clouded and out of focus, but areas of dark and light indicate the possibility to turn towards the light and discover clarity. The palette is soft and muted to create comfort and trust.

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