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Embracing a rural lifestyle, residents enjoy the best of both worlds – An hour away from Edmonton, with multiple wilderness trails – Barrhead holds a variety of recreational opportunities.

Barrhead is a beautiful town serviced with urban amenities, breathtaking river views, and an affordable lifestyle without sacrificing the urban services people depend on. Residents and visitors enjoy family and life balance, attuned to Barrhead’s healthy amenities, events and natural endowments.

Ion was engaged to develop a distinct brand identity for the Township of Barrhead to guide ongoing marketing and communications initiatives.

Barrhead is a beautiful town serviced with urban amenities. Residents and visitors of the Town of Barrhead enjoy breathtaking river views, and an affordable lifestyle without sacrificing the urban services people depend on.  Ion was engaged to help develop a brand focused on family and life balance, attuned to Barrhead’s healthy amenities, events and natural endowments.
Town of Barrhead Logo with Tagline on white background


The Town of Barrhead had various strategic priorities, but recognized an opportunity to fill a gap in its community engagement practices with a view to a more sustainable and higher value brand.

Barrhead Town Council identified economic development and increased social capital as strategic priorities. These priorities required a developed brand which to support marketing initiatives and business investment campaigns. Additionally, there was a growing demand for improved communication and engagement with residents, businesses, visitors, and community stakeholders, so an implementation strategy was required to accompany the brand.

Brand Story

You can settle here with family in mind, and balance life between urban work and country living. A place of wellness, diversity and compassion – this is Barrhead.


The backbone of the Town of Barrhead’s economy is agriculture, with strong oil & gas industry support base. The Town’s claim to fame is Aaron the 8-foot Blue Heron.

Rich natural features and exceptional sports opportunities – including recreational facilities, sporting events, festivals and rodeos – make Barrhead a virtual candy land for outdoor enthusiasts.

Barrhead is less than 150 km from Edmonton, yet getting in front of potential visitors, investors, or new residents is a challenge. While short term marketing efforts had been made, results were mixed and not targeted. The existing official logo was decades old, the identity was cluttered, and was often mistaken for neighbouring County.

The original tagline Barrhead – A Quality Community With a Quality Lifestyle, was generic, dated, and didn't separate the Town from any other Albertan place. The brand strategy and visual identity needed to better reflect both the community of Barrhead and the local government as an organization.

Stationery design for Town of Barrhead


As a result of well-attended facilitated public engagement sessions, we were able to develop a strategic brand platform that was embraced by the community. The objectives that were met included:

  • A communications and marketing tool kit that can be nimbly adapted to increase the visibility of Barrhead's downtown, while supporting local businesses and regional stakeholders with a memorable brand.

  • Aligning the Barrhead brand with diverse and healthy activities, tournaments, music and arts festivals through co-branding and communications.

  • Improving Barrhead’s reputation of being an open and learning community, embracing change and new opportunities through sponsorship and endorsement.

  • The encouragement of personal growth and self-expression.

  • A consistent and strong visual brand that reflects Barrhead’s focus on family and wellness, serving a diverse community of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

  • Create a media-rich brand launch campaign that reaches out to a LOHAS audience, with a view to encouraging local investment and tourism.

  • Empower people in Barrhead to be brand ambassadors through easy to apply graphic branding initiatives and messaging.

Poster examples for Barrhead


Barrhead stands out as a town full of character and craft. With a community rich in industry experience, the place branding concept focuses on a human-centred approach to capture the balance of hard-working business owners, tight-knit families, and young professionals that make up the town.

A typographic logo with custom letterforms and softened edges, paired with complimentary subtext creates a versatile wordmark, endlessly flexible with tagline or phrases to add character to each application.

The colour palette is inspired by the familiar scenes surrounding the town: rolling hills of golden grain and bright blue skies. With the addition of varied tints of colour and transparency, these colours become part of the Barrhead identity.

Simple textures and image treatments, paired with boldly graphic patterns, tie this identity together is distinct from neighbouring communities and is anchored by a bright, and friendly community approach.

A set of brand activation tactics was developed to engage the local business community,  keys to economic revitalization and welcoming the community and visitors to businesses and services. By way of developing local brand ambassadors through branding initiatives and messaging (retail display, social media, reciprocal linking and word-of-mouth) in combination with improved infrastructure and proactive media development, Barrhead is on its way to building community and revitalization.


Totebag and Social Media post
Barrhead Town Hall Signage designed by Ion Brand Design
T-shirt and toque for Barrhead Staff
Newspaper Ad example for Barrhead Farmer's Market in Alberta
Annual Report designed by Vancouver's Ion Brand Design

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